About Rose Pilates Studio

Rose Pilates Studio Asheville

What to expect when you come to Rose Pilates Studio
Our private Pilates sessions are designed specifically for you and your over all fitness needs. The first private session involves a general health and fitness screening. We answer all your questions and discuss any concerns you may have about starting a Pilates program.The first session is taught at a slower pace simply because there is a lot of information about proper breathing, technique, form and an introduction to the equipment. Your first few sessions are important to give you a basic foundation and understanding of safety, form, what to expect, how to use the equipment and careful progression of the exercises.

Our group Pilates classes are small enough so you will still get the individual attention necessary to help you progress in the classes. Each instructor is highly qualified and trained to pay attention to each individual, even in the group classes.

Most people say they feel taller, are breathing better and have better posture. Some people feel more ease of movement in their back, hips, shoulders and have less effort in their daily activities.

We hope that you will take what you’ve learned from Pilates, integrate it into your life, deepen your understanding of your body and over all Feel Better!

How do I get started?
If you are new to Pilates equipment classes your safety comes first. That is why we recommend at least 3 private sessions or shared sessions with someone who is also new to gain a better understanding of the work, the equipment and what you will be doing in the group classes.

Once you have completed your introductory sessions you may choose the type of classes you want to continue with. Rose Pilates Studio offers private sessions, group equipment sessions, duo or trio sessions or mat classes.