Asheville Pilates Client Testimonials

“After years of lower back pain I found relief with Diane and the various instructors at Rose Pilates. Personal attention, great equipment, comfortable space and commitment to my needs has given me a new lease on life, well at least I can get out of bed in the morning and stand up straight. To all the guys out there, challenge yourself to go — you won’t be disappointed. Pilates is not for the faint of heart, it will push you and you will benefit.”
– Phil Hargreaves

“Pilates is the perfect compliment to my Yoga Class. While I was stretched and limber…I was not contouring my muscles. Now, after 4 years of Pilates with Dianne, the wings under my arms have firmed up and my abs are defined. WoW…Pilates and Dianne Rose…Thank you!”
– Gail Manheimer

“One of the best Asheville Pilates studios!”
– Karen Mazza

“I was a dancer for over ten years as a child and never thought I would be able to have the dancer body I once had, especially after I had an old shoulder injury from a horse accident and a neck injury from a fair ride. Dianne showed me how Pilates would strengthen my body to be able to heal and support areas that were affected in the accidents. Pilates is a natural exercise that not only strengthens your body but allows you to feel your body in a new way. In a very short time I felt more flexible, built a stronger core, became more confident and finally could see my dancer body coming back to shape! The whole principle of Pilates helps in so many areas of life. Working at the computer, long plane rides and even every day tasks like carrying groceries, I now use grace and awareness to protect my back and overall care for my body.”
– Carla

“Pilates has increased my strength, posture and overall health. No more chiropractors for my aching back since I began training with Diane! She is a highly-trained and skilled instructor who really understands the human body. I dislike gyms but can’t wait to get to Rose Pilates several times a week for class!”
– Dana Ward

“Dianne Rose is an excellent Pilates teacher and fitness specialist. When I came in, I knew nothing about Pilates. Through our private lessons, I learned to feel more comfortable with my body and grew stronger, using the Pilates techniques and equipment. For someone who hates to exercise, Dianne and Pilates showed me a whole new world.”
– Wendy Murray

“I am new to Asheville and “Rose Pilates”. Dianne was and is very concerned and helpful in my adjusting to Asheville. She has gone out of her way to introduce me to all of her clients. Dianne and the other students have really made me feel welcome.

I have taken Pilates and mats and privates before. I had never been in a “reformer” class. Dianne has been very patient with me and slowly but surely I am learning the exercises and enjoying the classes. ”
– Shari

“I have known Dianne Rose for probably 20+ years, and she is the best there is. Although I started working with Dianne as a personal trainer and massage therapist, when she started teaching Pilates, I also started taking lessons. I have bad knees and we specifically worked on strengthening my legs. In all honestly, although I will say I never enjoyed doing the Pilates, I ALWAYS FELT BETTER AFTER EACH SESSION, and continued doing it until Dianne relocated to Asheville. Dianne was always a caring, patient and knowledgeable trainer, and to this day, I miss her.”
– Anita

“For years I looked for a Pilates instructor/ program. In 2007 I found exactly what I had been looking for — Rose Pilates.

I started with private classes from Dianne. Diane worked patiently with me on each exercise until I correctly and comfortably completed each execution. I immediately felt better about myself, my strength, my flexibility.

She is very skilled and knowledgeable. If a student has minor or major muscular issues, Dianne identifies the issue and works with the student for the specific issue.

The environment at Rose Pilates is professional, uplifting and FUN. I leave feeling better mentally and physically. When I am unable to attend, I feel something is missing. I know I will continue to do Pilates until ??????”
– Rita (68 years old)